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Perfect Ten by L. Philips

I wanted to read this because (1) the cover is cute, and (2) it looks like a fluffy romcom, which I prefer in movies but sometimes still read in books. It didn’t QUITE live up to my expectations, though – there’s a slight magical element to it which I’m okay with but was surprised by at first, and Sam Raines, the protagonist, isn’t really someone I was rooting for all that much. I sympathised with his dilemma – having broken up with the only other (eligible) gay guy at school, he had no one else to date – but his list of ten traits (that he wants in a boyfriend) was just too shallow for me.

Of course, I was expecting him to learn that there are more important things than looks or money or talent, since this was a romcom. I was ready to overlook his list. The way he treated his best friends and potential boyfriends, though, almost had me DNF-ing this one. I’m glad that I persisted, as by the end Perfect Ten revealed itself as more than a fluffy romcom, and Sam Raines learned more than the fact that there’s no such thing as a “perfect ten” – he also learned that there was more to love than the romance, and that a healthy relationship requires work. Now that, I truly appreciate.

Note: I received a review copy from Times Distribution Malaysia through work; thank you, Jacky!


2 thoughts on “Perfect Ten by L. Philips

  1. This has been on my TBR since I first saw it was coming out, but now I’m not so excited for it😕 great review!


    1. It was both more and less than I expected, so it was hard to make up my mind about it myself. I think I’d tell people to at least try it, but not necessarily buy it if you have the option to borrow?

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