Round-Up: Comics I’ve Been Reading

As usual, we get our comics shipments very late here where I live. I’m still waiting for last week’s stuff to arrive, and by “last week’s stuff” I mean titles released the week before that? Anyway.

West Coast Avengers #1
Kelly Thompson & Stefano Caselli

I’m not a big Avengers fan and even less of a West Coast Avengers fan. But I liked Gwenpool’s solo series and the little I’ve read of Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)’s solo series, and I absolutely loved Kate and America in Young Avengers, as well as the dynamics between Kate and Clint in the Aja/Fraction Hawkeye run. And Quentin, the annoying little twerp, was one of my favourite things about Generation X. So of course I wanted to read this, and this issue just made me love the idea of this team more.

I knew I’d enjoy Kelly Thompson’s writing, but was also pleased with Caselli’s art and Triona Farrell’s colours – OH SO PRETTY. I love that this book is already setting up the whole dysfuctional team thing because it’s one of my favourite tropes when the ensemble is right and I do love this ensemble. I don’t know Fuse well enough yet but I hope I will through this series. And Quentin is just as annoying as ever (why does this endear him to me, I have no idea, but I blame Christina Strain and Gen X). I like the reality series bit that amps up the ridiculousness of this team. And the audition scene! That made me laugh so much.

I just want more of this, please.

The Life of Captain Marvel #2
Margaret Stohl & Carlos Pacheco

This is more of a rant/comment than a review.

Nearly a lifetime ago (okay not really, but that’s what it felt like!) Margaret Stohl came to the store where I worked, for a signing. The third Beautiful Creatures book was recently out and she was on a South East Asian tour, I guess. I don’t remember. I wasn’t even the YA buyer at our store yet. But I remember helping to flip the books to the right page for her to sign, while chatting about bookstores and libraries and our favourite characters and female friendships in books.

I liked her a lot then, and I truly enjoyed Beautiful Creatures, as well as her Icons series (which is still only at 2 volumes). But her Captain Marvel – and especially this Life of Captain Marvel run so far – is quickly becoming my favourite thing by her. This series reimagines Carol’s origins, and what I love about it is how it adds depth and nuance to her story without totally changing some of the established canon. Also, I hated what the Civil War II event did with her character, and I’ve a feeling I’m going to hate what Infinity Wars (the current comic series) will do to her character. In comparison, this comic is PERFECT. Reading this, I can’t wait to see her on the big screen.


X-23 #3
Mariko Tamaki & Juann Cabal

TBH my pull-list is so maxed out right now that I’m not sure how long I can continue pulling this series, but I am enjoying it SO MUCH. In this issue, whatever the Cuckoos have planned for Gabby may have dire consequences, and Laura doesn’t have much time to save her sister. I love the internal dialogue/monologues in this story (I also loved them in Tamaki’s Being Supergirl), especially when Laura talks about her feelings on being a clone. I also love the focus on Laura as the big sister, and Gabby is still my favourite. And the Cuckoos! I hate what they’re doing but I also understand them somewhat?


Ms. Marvel #33
G. Willow Wilson & Nico Leon

Ms. Marvel’s battle against the Shocker continues, kind of. Thanks to Bruno’s experiments, her powers are on the fritz, and the Shocker is the worst match-up for Ms. Marvel as she doesn’t do well with electricity. There isn’t much to say about this issue – it’s fun, but I’m basically just waiting to see how it turns out, because I’m more curious to find out about why/how her powers work, and I hope that Bruno will find the answers. And I want more Kamala-in-high-school stuff!


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