An Invitation from a Crab by panpanya

An Invitation from a Crab┬áis a collection of several short stories in manga format (interspersed with short essays) featuring a character who always looks like a junior high school student. I say “looks like” because while the character does go to school and have homework and all the trappings of a kid, at least one chapter involves them driving, and another where they had a job. (Details like that don’t matter in this book, which seems to function on dream logic.) Continue reading “An Invitation from a Crab by panpanya”

Fantasy · Science Fiction

Kari Maaren’s Weave A Circle Round

I read this book last March and I STILL don’t know how to talk about it. Other than “I absolutely love it and Freddy is my new favourite”, I don’t know what to say about this book. See, it was pitched to me as “Diana Wynne Jones meets Madeleine L’Engle” and weirdly enough, that’s exactly how it felt like to me, like these two favourites of mine got together and made this weird lovable baby.

But first, the plot. Or maybe, what plot? It was kind of a messy story in which nothing happens and also too many things happen, which I did not mind at all because it was a fun ride. There was Freddy, a young girl who only wanted to be invisible. She knew that she was different and that different was bad (as far as getting along at school went) and that to survive she needed to not be noticed by others.

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