Carol Danvers (Re)Read: Marvel Masterworks Ms. Marvel Vol. 2

This second volume collects issues #15-23 of Ms. Marvel, #10-11 of Marvel Super-Heroes (which were supposed to be #24-25 of Ms. Marvel before it got cancelled, I think), Avengers #200 and Avengers Annual #10. The stories in the earlier chapters weren’t really that memorable, but were still among the better ones in this collection as a whole.

I had loved seeing Carol butting heads with Jonah J. Jameson in the first collection, but here she spent more time super-heroing, fighting villains I can’t even remember now, and hanging out with the Avengers. When she went to work she was often stressed – I loved the bit in #17 where Gianelli (one of the staff at Woman magazine, and a friend of Carol’s) noticed that she was in need of cheering up, and organised a surprise snowball fight to get her mind off things. Continue reading “Carol Danvers (Re)Read: Marvel Masterworks Ms. Marvel Vol. 2”


An Invitation from a Crab by panpanya

An Invitation from a Crab is a collection of several short stories in manga format (interspersed with short essays) featuring a character who always looks like a junior high school student. I say “looks like” because while the character does go to school and have homework and all the trappings of a kid, at least one chapter involves them driving, and another where they had a job. (Details like that don’t matter in this book, which seems to function on dream logic.) Continue reading “An Invitation from a Crab by panpanya”


Carol Danvers (Re)Read: Marvel Masterworks: Ms. Marvel Vol. 1

I’ve been meaning to do a Carol Danvers Read/Reread for sometime, and when Saha gave me volume two of the Marvel Masterworks collection I decided that it was time to start! I’m calling it a (Re)Read project because I’ve read all the Captain Marvel bits, but I’ve only read a couple of volumes of Brian Reed’s Ms. Marvel run and none of the Conway/Claremont run, so I’m really reading them for the first time. Continue reading “Carol Danvers (Re)Read: Marvel Masterworks: Ms. Marvel Vol. 1”