Yearly Wrap-Up

ghostgrrrl’s Best of 2017

(Previously Marineko Book Awards!)

It’s time for all the year-end lists, and I have to say, this is one of the hardest years, list-wise. In fact, I cheated and gave myself an up-to-three books per category leeway so that more favourites can be listed. Still, a lot of the books I listed as favourites around the middle of the year didn’t end up in my new list. Continue reading “ghostgrrrl’s Best of 2017”

Yearly Wrap-Up

Marineko Book Awards 2006

A bit different from my other end-of-the-year lists. A bit more traditional, maybe?

Books listed are books I’ve read within this last year, including re-reads, or books published ages ago that I’ve never read before this year.

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Cry of the Icemark, Stuart Hill
In My Dreams, Tom Holt (if excluding YA Fantasy)

Best Chick Lit
My Best Friend’s Girl, Dorothy Koomson Continue reading “Marineko Book Awards 2006”