2016 Zines

I haven’t been posting the new zines I made here this year, even though I stopped using the zine blog and was supposed to do all zine posts here. Oops. Anyway, these are this year’s zines!


Mari no Tabi #1 – An Arashian’s Journey

RM 10 / currently sold out, will be reprinting

This was originally supposed to be a basic reprint of the Mari no Tabi zine I did last year, with some amendments on addresses or places that might have closed down/changed since then. But I ended up adding a whole bunch of extra content, too.


super fairy animal #16 – going widdershins

RM 3 / currently sold out, will be reprinting

Issue 16 of my perzine which includes rants on superhero comics and books and stories about my sister among other things.


Tapir Post #1

RM 10 / currently sold out, will be reprinting

The first issue of my YA/Children’s fiction zine. This was released in October in time for KL Zine Fest. I wrote about the 2016 Asian Festival of Children’s Content, and had lovely contributions from Daphne and milktea (who wishes to remain anonymous) and an interesting bit from a kohai who enjoys Sang Kancil (one of our local folklore) art.


Tapir #2

RM 10 / currently sold out, will be reprinting

This second issue was only released last week. It sold out quickly because I had less than my usual print run with me (a local book subscription service run by some acquaintances took up half my stock for their crate; I will need to increase my print run for this zine). This one includes a long piece on Howl’s Moving Castle (with my HMC post from this blog added in at the end) and Daphne writing on her favourite picture books, among other things.


Zine: Mari no Tabi #1


Mari no Tabi 1

Mari no Tabi is a new zine that I’m starting; I’m not expecting to release it quite as regularly as my previous zines, because it takes awhile to make. The zine will be about places and journeys, and the first issue will be all about going to Arashi concerts and other related places (Aiba’s family restaurant, drama set locations, TV stations, secondhand merch shops, etc.) throughout 2010 to 2015. This zine is 70+ pages long!

I’m expecting the future issues to be much shorter, though – I’m already planning to do one that will be about learning about architecture in Tokyo and/or the Setouchi Triennale next year.

This issue is RM 5 or 2 USD not inclusive of postage.

As usual, e-mail me at orokanadreamerATgmail for a copy 🙂


Mini-Zines: Five Diana Wynne Jones Books

photo by Eeling 🙂

Sometime last year, I thought about doing a series of zines about children’s books, and of course, I would want to start with Diana Wynne Jones. (This is not that zine, by the way.) Around the same time, I started to get into mini-zines, because they’re perfect and tiny and I don’t have as many excuses not to get them done in time. I did a mini-zine on my favourite places and things to do in Tokyo (called Tokyo is My Barcelona), and I did a J-Pop edition of TiMB with concert venues, drama locations and places to purchase secondhand merchandise. And then I brought up the idea of doing one for DWJ with Daphne and Kit, my book BFFs.

I asked each of them to write about five DWJ books – they can be their favourites, but they don’t have to be. We each didn’t know which titles the others were writing about until the end. I find it interesting that among the three of us, we didn’t choose the same title, except for Dark Lord of Derkholm, which both Daphne and Kit chose, although they had different takes on it. So these zines really are mini-zines, tiny and maybe not perfect, about five books by Diana Wynne Jones that we chose, and what they meant to us.

The first two volumes were finished last year, and I had done a giveaway for them. Last month Kit finished the third volume.

Available for RM3.50 (Malaysia) / USD 1.50 (rest of the world) OR trade* for the set
e-mail marisarepinATgmail for copies 🙂

*in exchange for snail mail – a letter, a postcard, or a zine of your own

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Giveaway: ‘Five Diana Wynne Jones Books’ mini-zines


It’s already November 6th where I am now (oops), but this last week had been wonderful – it’s always nice to see other people being enthusiastic about Diana Wynne Jones! – and I did say that I wanted to give away copies of these mini-zines.These are two volumes of tiny 6-page zines, one by me, and the other by Daphne, about five Diana Wynne Jones books that we love. Since these are small and would be easy to mail, I am giving them away to anyone who asks, up until November 15th. Just e-mail me at marisarepin at gmail with the subject “DWJ minizines” with your name and postal address, and it’ll be on your way! (Please note that mail from my country can take up to a month or more to arrive depending on where you are, though.) It would be nice if you also tell me about YOUR favourite Diana Wynne Jones book, although you don’t have to 🙂

And… that’s it!