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BTT: New Things

Lately I tend to forget these weekly things I used to do because the new questions get updated so late (time zones :p), so I decided that from now on, if I do Booking Through Thursday I’ll just do the previous week’s questions instead.

Last week’s Booking Through Thursday was on new things and needing change. This is something that is relevant to me now, I guess, as I’m straying a bit away from my usual YA fare – I still read a LOT of YA, but lately unless they’re among my highest priority or I need to read them for work, I may let them linger in my TBR for a bit longer. Instead, I’m favouring all the SF/F that I haven’t been catching up on – for example, I STILL haven’t read N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season and this needs to change!

I’m also getting more into comics these days – well, ‘more’ may not quite be right as I’ve always read a lot of comics. But I guess rather than following one or two series religiously and reading everything else at random intervals, my pull-list now features way more titles than I probably should be buying, and I’m opening up to reading more DC now which I once never thought would happen. (I blame Tom King.)


Carol Danvers (Re)Read: Marvel Masterworks: Ms. Marvel Vol. 1

I’ve been meaning to do a Carol Danvers Read/Reread for sometime, and when Saha gave me volume two of the Marvel Masterworks collection I decided that it was time to start! I’m calling it a (Re)Read project because I’ve read all the Captain Marvel bits, but I’ve only read a couple of volumes of Brian Reed’s Ms. Marvel run and none of the Conway/Claremont run, so I’m really reading them for the first time. Continue reading “Carol Danvers (Re)Read: Marvel Masterworks: Ms. Marvel Vol. 1”