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A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray

A Million Worlds With You is the third of the Firebird series in which the characters can jump between multiverses. The protagonist is Marguerite, whose parents are famous scientists and the inventors of this dimension-hopping tech. When her father is murdered, Marguerite has to go after the killer as he jumps from dimension to dimension. She’s determined to get her revenge, but with each jump, Marguerite learns of the life of another alternate Marguerite, and it makes her wonder if there’s such a thing as fate.

Honestly, I went into this series not knowing what to expect (besides the typical YA thing) and was happy to find it reminiscent of one of my favourite books as a kid, Continue reading “A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray”


Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Here’s the thing about me and unhappy endings in YA fiction – I can’t stand them. To me, YA needs to be like a Disney movie, with maybe more curses and romance and action and darkness, if needed, but it must end well to be enjoyed. That is not to say that I haven’t loved books with unhappy endings – John Green’s books are among my favourites, and I have zero complaints about the ending of the Divergent series. But. Generally, I avoid the unhappy.

This is the reason why I’ve yet to read Fairest, Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles spinoff novel, and this is the reason why I hesitated to read Heartless. However, I love Alice (who doesn’t?) Continue reading “Heartless by Marissa Meyer”

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By Your Side by Kasie West

I’m a Kasie West fan. I haven’t read everything by her, but I’ve liked everything by her that I’ve read. Comparing the books by her that I’ve read, By Your Side didn’t wow me as much as The Distance Between Us or Pivot Point did, but it’s still a nice read that brought me out of a reading slump.

The romance and storyline in here do not offer anything new – two teenagers who are complete opposites end up stuck in a library together. Autumn is a typical Good Girl, who may not be the most popular, but has a good group of friends, and is seems to be well-liked. What her friends don’t know is that she also has anxiety, and in order to hide this from them, she’s known to disappear at times. Continue reading “By Your Side by Kasie West”

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Addicted to YA Panel + Google Hangout with Lauren James

Honestly, I was worried about the attendance for these two events, because (1) both were confirmed and advertised late compared to the others, and (2) it was Open House weekend – more so than the previous week – in which most locals would be attending “open houses” at friends’ and relatives as an extended Eid celebration, which meant they couldn’t commit to other events. Continue reading “Addicted to YA Panel + Google Hangout with Lauren James”

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Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Party

Sometimes I wonder if I’d enjoy one of these events if I got to participate in them, instead of just organising them all the time! I do like seeing everyone having fun, especially at our HP events. This time, we had a little more time to work with than usual, so we could include two card games – Cards Against Wizardry (a CAH-like game I made up) and Wizards’ Duel (a MTG-like game my colleague Imran made up) along with the Hogwarts Hunt.  Continue reading “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Party”