Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

“The bookstore is a building, but it’s not only the building. It is the books inside. People are not only their bodies. And if there is no hope of saving the things we love in their original form, we must save them however we can.” – Words In Deep Blue, Cath Crowley

Truth: I wanted to read this book because it was blue, it had books on the cover, and the characters work in a bookshop. All those times getting inquiries from customers looking for some mysterious blue book had that effect on me.

On the surface, this book sounded like a decent YA romance: Rachel have had a crush on Henry Jones for a long time. Before moving away, she left him a love letter, and waited, but he never came. Years later, Rachel returned to work at the bookshop owned by Henry’s family, even though she would rather not see him again. And that’s where it becomes more than a contemporary romance – rather than chasing after a lost love, Rachel was looking for a distraction. Her brother had died, and she kind of withdrew from everything and everyone.

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Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

While I’ve been somewhat interested in this book from the get-go, it took me so long to read because of a few negative reviews. I wasn’t thinking that I would never read it, but at the same time I never put this title – and later, this trilogy – higher up my priority list. There are so many books to read, after all. But then I started reading other series I’ve been putting off, like the Lunar Chronicles and the Raven Cycle, and I loved both so much, that I began to think I should start on the Grisha trilogy. Then Six of Crows was published and I got hooked on that particular duology, because I love heist stories and I love tricksters and I love good ensemble casts (and I love Jesper/Wylan!)

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Ten Books I Want My Nieces/Nephew to Read

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