An almost but maybe not really complete list of zines I’ve done. At the moment, you can find available copies of my zines at
1. Stickerrific, Jaya One (PJ)
2. Ilham Gallery Store, Kuala Lumpur
Run Amok Gallery in George Town. Edit: This gallery is currently on hiatus.
4. C
ontact me at marisarepinATgmail or send me a message at this FB page 🙂

Mari no Tabi #3
Stationery Scramble
July 2018 | half-size

A handwritten zine with photos and doodles from my trip to to Tokyo in June 2018 with my friend Patricia, with occasional appearances of other friends who are living there or also traveling around the same time. The whole trip was centered on stationery shopping and journaling.

// RM 10 (in stock), Souvenir Edition RM 80 (sold-out)

Mari no Tabi #2
London Calling
May 2018 | half-size

A handwritten zine with photos and doodles from my trip to London in April 2018 to watch Hamilton – includes my review on Hamilton, and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. From this issue onwards, all Mari no Tabi zines come with a Souvenir Edition that will be packed with souvenirs from my trips.

// RM 10 (out of stock, but still available at Ilham Gallery & Stickerrific), Souvenir Edition RM 80 (sold-out)

Tapir Post #5
October 2017 | half-size

Tapir Post is more or less an extension of my blog, but focusing on books for children and young adults. As with previous issues, I will add contributions, as well as opinions and occasional interviews not included on this blog.

// RM 5 (sold out)

Tapir Post #4
June 2017 | half-size

From this issue onwards, Tapir Post will be more or less an extension of my blog, but focusing on books for children and young adults. As with previous issues, I will add contributions, as well as opinions and occasional interviews not included on this blog.

// RM 5 (sold-out)

Tapir Post #3
March 2017 | half-size

A zine made of thoughts, comments, and reviews on books for children and young adults. This issue includes an interview with local children’s fiction author Heidi Shamsuddin.

// RM 10 (sold-out)


 Tapir Post #2
December 2016 | half-size

A zine made of thoughts, comments, and reviews on books for children and young adults.

// RM 10 (sold-out)

Super Fairy Animal #16 
Going Widdershins
October 2016 | half-size

My personal zine, full of fragmented thoughts and unfinished stories, along with comments on books and music.

// currently OUT OF PRINT, reprint to come

Tapir Post #1
October 2016 | half-size

A zine made of thoughts, comments, and reviews on books for children and young adults.

// SOLD OUT; copies are still available at Ilham Gallery Store

Mari no Tabi #1
An Arashian’s Journey, 2010 – 2015
October 2015, new edition October 2016 | half-size

A zine about being an Arashi fan, and going to Arashi concerts and related places throughout 2010 to 2015, and how all of it changed me. Includes guides to Aiba Masaki’s family restaurant, drama set locations, TV stations, secondhand merch shops, and other stuff.

// RM 10

5 Diana Wynne Jones Books
by Daphne (Vol I), Marisa (Vol II) and Kit (Vol III)
June 2014, new editions March 2015 | mini-zines

Three mini zines, each featuring five Diana Wynne Jones books. The first volume’s by Daphne Lee, the second volume is by me, and the third volume is by Seto Kit Sau.

// RM 3 or USD 1 for the set 


dreaming out loud #1
January – March 2014
April 2014 | half-size

A reading log, with mini reviews of every single book I read from January to March 2014. Originally made for swap-bot’s 1st Quarter Reading Log 2014 Swap.



Tokyo Is My Barcelona
+ Tokyo Is My Barcelona J-Pop Edition
February 2014 | mini-zines

Two mini-zines made for Swap-Bot’s “Anything Goes Mini Zine Swap”. The first is the zine I actually made for the swap, which includes my favourite places in Tokyo (plus a couple others), why I like them, and directions on how to go there. The second is a J-Pop version spin-off in which I only list places to buy J-Pop/J-Rock related merchandise.



super fairy animal #15
though I am not afraid, I am not brave enough
2013 | half-size

As explained in the zine, this is not the “first” issue #15, but will be the #15 on record from now on because I lost all copies of the actual #15. CONTENTS: scarecrow in a pale dress (under her breath she says) / women + fantasy fiction / queer men + misogyny / how to say goodbye in robot / mixtape: cover girls, the beatles edition / things I love / queer YA + happy endings / another pointless story / review: Monstress by Lysley Tenorio / though I am not afraid, I am not brave enough / taxi driver

// RM 2


kuala lumpur espionage, vol II
2013 | half-size

A kind of teenager-y zine made by four soon-to-be-30-year-olds. Thoughts on growing up, being a grown up, still being hung up on the same things, and lots of random scrawls and doodling. Except for three entries, this zine was entirely made up during a 2-hour tea break.



super fairy animal #14
ghost moons & monster hearts
2012 | half-size

CONTENTS: Intro: Ghost Moons / Childhood Games / I Forget My Heart Cat Beat in One, Two, Repeat /  マンガで観たあの世界、その中で暮らしたい / 笑ってくれたおかげで僕も笑える / Mix CD Review: On the Wire Mix (by Mils Gan) / Reviews: Tegan and Sara’s Sainthood, BUMP OF CHICKEN’s “HAPPY” / Mix: Ghost Moons and Monster Hearts / Review: 9 (by Huda Talib), (500) Days of Summer / Mix: Cover Girls / Excerpts from School Papers / Enchanted by Ella (on Gail Carson Levine’s Ella Enchanted) / Review: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (by Huda Talib) / Another Pointless Story / All of a Tremble Over Sarah Records / Fake Section Reports for February and April: Cthulhu, Vampires and Zombies, Oh My / Mix: Say Hi and Wave Good-bye / Reviews: Of Bees and Mist by Erick Setiawan, Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, The Vinyl Princess by Yvonne Prinz, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, How to Say Goodbye in Robot by Natalie Sandiford / Short Story: Raya / Outro: Monster Hearts

// RM 2


super fairy animal #13
where troubles melt like lemon drops
2011 / half-size

CONTENTS: Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops / Waiting For Somebody Exciting Like You / Mr. All-Asians-Look-the-Same-to-Me / Dear Activity Girl / Mix: SugarDreamPop For My Favourite Girl / Happy Thoughts / We Met By A Trick of Fate / Album recommendation: My Maudlin Camera / Interview: All Girl Summer Fun Band / Ms. Biblioholic / Tape or CD? / Mix: All That Ever Mattered / Art by Faizal / Mix: Hang the DJ & Panic in the Streets of KL / From Me To You / Where You’ll Fine Me / Shortinity by Chewie / Huda Reviews Urban Odysseys / Shida Reviews Freedom Writer’s Diary / Fire & Hemlock / Marineko’s Favourite Teen Movies / I Was Criticized For Letting You Break My Heart / Zine Reviews / Another Pointless Story

// RM 2


super fairy animal #12
two sides of nowhere
2009 | half-size

CONTENTS: Here, Now / Dinarzard / Banana Girl / Harlequin Presents / On Libraries / Nowhere Girl / Not A Writer / The Autopsy / Nina Brujas / Love Story / Another Pointless Story / Gone Gone / Zine Reviews: Days & Nights #1, Misery Is My Muse #1 and #2, She Was Ready For Anything #8 / Book Recs: Witch Baby, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Stargirl, Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing, Thirteen Reasons Why, Big Fat Manifesto, Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You, Little Brother, BitchFest, Uglies, Cinderella’s Big Score, Double Duce, The Taqwacores, I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, Beige / Untitled / Nowhere (Now, Here) / Playlists: 1. Once More For Old Times’ Sake, 2. Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid To Know About, 3. Sentimental Education



super fairy animal #11
happy, the end
2008 | half-size

CONTENTS: ghost girl (intro) / geek girl / doris ghost’s favourite fairy tales (vignettes): the wild swans, the goose girl, the twelve dancing princesses, the little mermaid, sleeping beauty / on bookwenching / another pointless story / ani’s story: ghost / ani: I am a ghost / book recs: Shadow Forest, The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden,  Bookaholics’ Guide to Book Blogs, The Portable Door, The City of Saints and Madmen, The Ivory and the Horn / Mix-CD: Upon Time (side a), Ever After (side b) / for someone who don’t drive, I’ve been all around the world / Happy, the end (outro)



my name is doris ghost #1
2006 | half-size

This zine is almost a graphic novel, with art by hermitstyle. It contains true stories, or confessions. This is a collaboration with Jun Kit.



super fairy animal #10
living on the same planet / lost in the air
2005 | half-size

This issue came out after a year-long hiatus (for superfairyanimal), so I guess that’s accomplishment enough. I thought I was never going to zine again, after not feeling motivated to do so for so long. Even though I finished this zine in late 2005, all the writing in it are from 2004.

CONTENTS: Always, No, Sometimes It’s Me / I’m Feeling Sorry For Myself, I Keep Taking Everything to Be A Sign / And in This Moment I Am Happy / “the sharpness of the midnight fallen stars” by Amanda Shin (drawing) / 10 Good Reasons That I Can’t Find / Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly / Days Like These I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself / Break My Face My Back My Arms But Please Don’t Break My Heart / Even If Everyone Forgets / A Book You Read in Reverse / I Hate the Big Decisions That Cause Endless Revisions / I Know Where I Stand, I Don’t Need You to Hold My Hand / soundtrack 1: Will You Still Love Me in December? / I Hate the “Gay Thing” / Excerpt from “Star Gazing” / Music Reviews / Not a Pretty Girl / A Friend in Need is a Pest Indeed / Soundtrack 2: Side A – Asleep, Side B – Awake / Tokyo Is My Barcelona



Chantal’s Carnivorous Cat
November 2005 | quarter-size

The entire zine is just one sestina, that I wrote around 2003. It’s the first fixed form poem I wrote, and the last poem I had written in a very long time. It is accompanied with artwork by Amanda. The zine was credited under “Koneko Mari and Amanda Shin”



super fairy animal #9
no xerox machine could duplicate my love
2004 | half-size

CONTENTS: Suicide Notes / On Being the Onigiri in a Fruit Basket / Last Ode to Star (by Pacifique Luna) / Yaoi: Plotless Smut or a Lesson in Gender-bending? / Ramly Burger: the Unsung Malaysian Product (by Sidneyficance) / Harold Sakuishi’s BECK / Vaishnavism and Homosexuality (by R. Kumaran) / I Kill Myself Because Manson Said So… Not! / No Xerox Machine Could Duplicate My Love For You / The Music Obsession (album reviews) / Instant Music / An Absolutely Un-hip, Not-Very-Comprehensive Guide on Mixtapery / Soundtrack: Girls, Be Ambitious



super fairy animal #8
Suicide Notes
2004 | half-size

CONTENTS: Zinestar / Misadventures of a Glitterfae / The Art of Spewing (by Mackie) / The Postal Service (by Afi) / There Will Be No Sun Shining Through the Clouds (by Michelle) / Reaction to the In-Denials (by Tania) / She Said She Said / Poem (by Afi) / Excerpts: “The Perks of Being Charlie”, “Lord of the Golden Snitch”, “Magical Writing” / Friends (by Tania) / Soundtrack: Anchovies – A Tori Mixtape / Good Shit



super fairy animal #7
Escape Velocity
2003 | half-size

CONTENTS: Misadventures of a Glitterfae / Untitled Poem / Untitled Prose (by Zihan) / Men (by Mackie) / You Are So Annoying (by Tania) / Akiko Supersampled / Lost Pieces of Mine (Mind) (by Nazleen Luna) / This January Night / Recommended / Good Shit: Parallel Lines zine / Soundtrack: Just Because… I Need Escape Velocity / Another Pointless Story



super fairy animal #6
freedom / no waiting / no delay
2003 | half-sized

When Mackie submitted the cover she did for this issue, I knew it had to be in colour! So this issue cost the most of all my zines. I like this one; it’s all just stories by all my favourite people, and myself.

CONTENTS: Misadventures of a Glitterfae / Dirtyslut (art by Jiji Ishak) / Teenage Dirtbag (by Nazleen Luna) / A Sort of Fairy Tale / Lust (by R. Kumaran) / Untitled (by Amanda Shin) / Pirate Girl / Good Shit: But I’m A Cheerleader! / Recommendations / Soundtrack: Side A – Under Pink Lacquered Skies, Side B – It Ain’t Coca-Cola, It’s Rice


kuala lumpur espionage
2003 | full-size

A zine made from complete fun, with silly doodles, photographs, and sketches by Pixie Paul (me), Pony John (Amanda), and Tape-chan (Jun Kit), with guest appearances by Luna (Nazleen) and Monk-chan (Kumaran). Besides the images, the three of us also wrote an account of THE JANUARY NIGHT from our own point of views, and there’s the list of songs from the mix CDs we each made for that day.



super fairy animal #5
Left Alone
2003 | half-size

With this particular issue, I really wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. I was feeling a bit lost because I just dropped everything in ODU and moved back to KL because of many reasons, one of them being deep depression.

CONTENTS: Misadventures of a Glitterfae / Untitled Poem (by Pacifique Luna) / D is for Depression / Learning to Live / Circle or Square? / Good Shit: Fruits Basket / Memory of a Relapse (by Amanda Shin) / Chan Marshall (by Amanda Shin) / Soundtrack: Left Alone / ReadListenWatch / August Celebration (by Julie Ring-Fry) / Another Pointless Story



super fairy animal #4
My Beloved Monster and Me
2003 | quarter-size

This is the shortest zine I’ve made, not including mini-zines. And it’s about Amanda, or to Amanda, except for one poem.



super fairy animal #3
nostalgia is a weapon
2003 | half-size

I like this issue, because (1) Jun Kit did the cover, (2) Amanda’s artwork is in it, and (3) a lot of the writing in it meant a lot to me, not because I think they’re so great or anything, but because writing them taught me a lot about things. Love letters to Kuala Lumpur and my friends, that kind of thing.

CONTENTS: Misadventures of a Glitterfae / Realities / Alien She / Ideology / When I Grow Up / Time Takes Its Toll On the Places We  Go (by Jun Kit) / SFA#3 pixie drawing by Amanda / How I Spent Thanksgiving / Never Knew What A Good Time Was Til I Had A Good Time With You / Untitled / When I Lie Awake At 3 a.m. I  Think of This / Girl Angel Juan of My Dream / Soundtrack: Nostalgia Is A Weapon / Morning Sad / Embun (review by Nadia Ang)



super fairy animal #2
space oddity
2003 | quarter-sized

I worked on this soon after #1, and I guess even now I think it was a bit too rushed, but at the time I really wanted to have the material for the zine done. If I remember correctly, I finished this zine really really fast. And… it’s about leaving Malaysia, I guess.

CONTENTS: Misadventures / Soundtrack: The Space Oddity / Travel Journal: KL to Honolulu to Minneapolis to Norfolk / Risky Business (by Gnute) / Thai the Spy / Hot Topic (drawing by Jun Kit) / Canvas (by R. Kumaran) / Book and Movie reviews by Marisa / Ghost World review (by Amanda) / Take Care of My Cat review (by Gnute)



super fairy animal #1
what she did dreaming
2002 | half-size

I just couldn’t do another issue of Celestial Night and I didn’t zine for about six months, before I suddenly worked on this. The zine name was from the title of an article about Bjork. I was in my last semester in Nilai and was about to leave for ODU when this issue came out. This zine is about heartbreak and senioritis. This is my favourite issue because I think after feeling kind of confined by Celestial Night, writing this felt really great.



celestial night #13
2002 | half-size

CONTENTS: Those High School Days / Dear Nikolai / to: GirlAgainstSanity / A Poem About the First of July / A love that dares not speak / The Butterfly Boy (by Nazleen Najemuddin) / Mischief Books / Untitled Poem / Journal Excerpts / Drawing (by Michael) / Teenage Dirtbag (by Nazleen Najemuddin) / Myself the Amoeba / Rant (by Marisa & Joanne) / Untitled Poem (by Girl Barking) / Untitled Poem (by Natelie Love) / Emily’s Head (by Emily Mae) / The Tale of the Infinite Night / Fuck You / Clutterpage / I Am Not Religious, I Am Spiritual / Misadventures / Fairy Tales / Reviews



celestial night #12 / My Secret Diary #5 (split issue)
2001 | half-size

Joint zine with Natelie’s My Secret Diary (Amarita had left this zine by then). It’s definitely the most fun to make, as I was in college at the time, and Natelie still in Form 5, and on weekends I’d head to KL and we’d hang out at Mos Burger and just work on the zines together for hours.



celestial night #11
2001 | half-size

Again, mostly short fiction, with some poetry, lyrics, and illustrations. A review of James Lee’s Snipers. This issue was called “misadventures of a glitterfae” but I reverted back to Celestial Night by the next issue.



celestial night #10
2001 | half-size

Mostly short fiction, with a few rants/opinions scattered about. Plus zine and mixtape reviews, plus actual mixtape songlists.


celestial night #9

2001 | half-size

Reviews of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Lives of Christopher Chant, and The Dream Hunters; a report on the Philips Rush-X event (I was really into the X-Games back then) with an interview with Eric Burke, one of the inline-skaters at the games; a postcard I received from Francesca Lia Block with answers to burning questions; a friend’s report on No Doubt’s live concert in Malaysia; and a tribute to Daria.


celestial night #8
2000 | half-size

The Harry Potter issue, I guess. We were all pretty obsessed with the series already, and it seemed like the right time. We wrote reviews and opinions on the series. This issue also had short fiction and poetry that are not HP-related.



portrait.of.a.dream #1
2000 | half-size

First and only zine made in collaboration with the witchbaby egroup. Stories, poetry, and Francesca Lia Block fan art, as well as the first chapter of the story we were all writing together (which went on for five, six chapters before we stopped, if I remember right).


celestial night #7
2000 | half-size

Stories, poetry, comics, fanfic, illustrations, lists, and reviews. First installation of the serial Pretty Good Year.



celestial night #6
2000 | half-size

Stories, poetry, comics, reviews and lists by friends from my new school and old, plus friends from the witchbaby group. Topic on “speak out” – FGM.



celestial night #5
1999 | half-size

More stories, poetry, and comics by me and friends from the different schools I went to. Plus rants about how girls are depicted in teen/beauty mags and the beginning of the “speak out” section where we all air out our thoughts on various issues.



celestial night #4
1999 | half-size

Short stories, serials, comics, and poetry by Yasmin, Luna, Sylvia, Shaz, Tania, Jessica, and myself.



celestial night #3
1999 | half-size

After a vote done with old classmates and new, rosefire became celestial night. I went to a girls’ school. Go figure. This issue had short stories and poems by me, and two friends, Yasmin and Luna.


rosefire #2
1998 | half-size
When working on this, I had at least zine by someone else. One other zine, called Adele. Learned basic copy-and pasting, hands-on layouting, and had more fun working on this.

rosefire #1
1998 | full-size
So. I started this zine with a vague idea of what “real” zines were (having previously done zines without knowing that other people were doing it, and that it was actually a thing), but no idea what a regular zine even looked like. Includes contributions from curious friends and classmates. It was fun, working on it as a collaborative effort.

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