One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva

This is one of the titles I’ve wanted to read ever since before the hardback was published, but somehow never got around to. Perhaps because not enough people were talking about it online, which is a really not a good reason not to pick up a book I’m already interested in anyway! The reason I was interested is the title, which is also the title of one of my favourite Rufus Wainwright songs.

I started this book prepared to find a story that didn’t have anything to do with Rufus Wainwright, and was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise. The main character is Alek Khederian, an Armenian American who grew up in a very, Continue reading “One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva”

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Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start (But Haven’t)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week, we’re sharing the series we’ve been meaning to start, but haven’t. My real list would probably go on forever, and my list of series I’ve been meaning to continue but haven’t is even longer. But here are some that are a little higher up the list than others: Continue reading “Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start (But Haven’t)”

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#famous by Jilly Gagnon

I have to admit, I’m a complete sucker for so many things that are now YA tropes – which is precisely why I can’t seem to stop reading YA books. One of the tropes I like? Teens dealing with fame, especially insta-fame. And I do like happy cute romances as much as I like my angsty issue books. So, #famous got me from the moment I saw the title and cover.

Inspired by the story of “Alex from Target” – which I had to google because I’ve never heard of him until now – #famous is about a smart, funny, but terribly insecure (and rather unpopular) girl named Rachel, who has a crush of a popular kid named Kyle. Kyle isn’t as funny or as interesting as Rachel (and he knows it), but he is extremely cute. When Rachel “flits” (this book’s version of twitter) a photo of Kyle to her best friend with a particularly embarrassing hashtag, the only result she expects is for her friend to cheer up. She didn’t expect her flit to be reflitted… nearly half a million times over. Continue reading “#famous by Jilly Gagnon”

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Gems of the Month, January to June

Since I skipped the mother’s day Top Ten Tuesday, I think it’s only right that I also skip father’s day. I was originally planning to do a top ten worst mothers/fathers in Diana Wynne Jones’ books for both, but I never got around to it (and I think someone else had done it!) Instead, since it’s June and we’re almost halfway through the year, I’m sharing my Gems of the year so far.

While we don’t have a “staff recommends” thing going on at the store, we have a monthly promotion called Gems of the Month, in which all the store’s buyers pick titles they recommend or find interesting. We used to have a store newsletter that includes our capsule reviews of these books, but recently we’ve stopped doing that. Instead, we scribble our thoughts on cards that get displayed on the Gems table with the books. So in the end it’s not much different from a “staff recommends” section! Continue reading “Gems of the Month, January to June”

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Ten YA Contemporary books in my TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week, I’m sharing ten YA Contemporary books in my TBR. Honestly, these are books that I really want to read, that for various reasons I haven’t got around to or haven’t got a copy of yet, and there’s really nothing much else to say about that. So I’ll just share the list here:

Continue reading “Ten YA Contemporary books in my TBR”

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Wrap-Up: #AsianLitBingo

We’ve come to the end of #AsianLitBingo! Well, technically, by the time this post goes up the challenge would’ve ended yesterday. I started out okay, but around the third week of May I was struggling because (1) we were crazy busy at work, and (2) I had a bad flu, and most days I couldn’t read. I ended up listening to audiobooks a lot, but I didn’t have any that fit the challenge, so I listened to the entire Raven Cycle. Again. Continue reading “Wrap-Up: #AsianLitBingo”